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Let’s work together to create natural, beautiful results designed to enhance your appearance and lift your spirits.


The only place I will go to. This place deserves 10000 stars!!!! This is my third time coming as a model and I’m not sure how it’s possible, but each experience is better than the last. These ladies LISTEN to your concerns!!!! They are all so warm and gentle, on top of being some of the most respected in the industry! Anyone I talk to not only in the Chicagoland area but from other STATES- will say “ohhhh well that’s the best of the best. You’re in good hands”

I learned so much from Cristina and I wasn’t even the trainee, I was the model! Amazing at educating the ladies and making it conversational. So grateful to have been part of this day and of their learning.

Rana and the rest of the confidence bar team- we all THANK YOU for showing that aging can be done gracefully and with a little help (😉) can be kept NATURAL looking!!

Daniela Alessia


My experience at La Confidence Bar was truly amazing. I had the privilege of being a model there, and I must say, it was an incredible experience. It was my first time getting any cosmetic work done, and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction. Lamija, in particular, stood out with her peaceful and welcoming demeanor, radiating a positive vibe. What I appreciated most was their commitment to achieving a natural look.

Lamija's gentle approach left me thrilled with the results, especially when I aimed for plumper lips, and she delivered beautifully moisturized, full-looking lips. I was so happy that I felt like crying, especially after the healing process. The results were stunning, revealing a symmetry in my face that I hadn't realized was possible all these years. I used to think that's just how I looked, but Lamija worked her magic.

I left La Confidence Bar not only with a rejuvenated appearance but also with a wealth of knowledge. Lamija's gentle touch and unwavering hospitality were truly remarkable. She cared deeply about my well-being and knew precisely how to address my facial needs. It was eye-opening to discover how fillers could transform one's face.

I can't express my gratitude enough to Lamija and Rhana. They are truly amazing people who made this experience exceptional.

Maria Suarez


Really amazing and warm people that are trying their best to make you look awake and fresh.
I found the prices very reasonable!!
Absolutely love this place. I’m from LA and this place blows my mind!

Abigail Maki


From the instant I stepped into The Confidence Bar, I was met with such warmth and reassurance. Rana and her team made me feel like more than just a client.

Their approach was not merely about administering treatments, but rather, it felt like they were crafting a masterpiece and, of course, nurturing confidence. The outcome was not only beautiful, but it felt like an enhanced version of myself.

I wholeheartedly urge anyone considering botox or lip filler treatments to exclusively entrust themselves to The Confidence Bar. Their level of care, expertise, and exceptional results speak volumes about their unwavering dedication to perfection. I am profoundly thankful for this extraordinary experience and the truly remarkable transformation it brought

Daisy Loeza


I would most definitely make the 7 hour trip again!!!!

Stephanie Rimiller


I cannot say enough good things about The Confidence Bar & Rana!!!! She was absolutely incredible, extremely knowledgeable, and described everything SO thoroughly. She went ABOVE and beyond to make me feel comfortable in her office.

Additionally, she explained pricing up front and showed the expiration dates for all of the products!

I have never had such a positive experience from any medical professional in my entire life. I cannot recommend her enough for all of your aesthetic needs!

10/10 I will be back & recommend her to anyone and everyone!!

Chelsea Mullen


The Confidence Bar is the best for any skin care needs! Lamija is the wonderful 🙌🏻 she is so knowledgeable, patient, and kind. The Confidence Bar is warm and welcoming. Everyone is so sweet from start to finish, not to mention the amazing decor! Will definitely be returning soon for all my skin care needs.

Cynthia Belcin


The second I stepped foot in The Confidence Bar, I didn’t want to leave! The receptionists at the front desk were absolutely lovely and within minutes we were exchanging product tips and tricks! The vibe is just so DIFFERENT from any other med spa or dermatologist office I have ever been in. Usually they can feel cold and sterile. Not here! The decor, the attention to detail, everyone making sure you were taken care of (they even have little candy stations), I felt completely at ease. Everyone was so kind and lovely- it felt like I was hanging out with a fun group of girlfriends! Rana’s expertise and the training she was giving others was NEXT LEVEL. I’ve never seen anything like this- I’m totally blown away and had the best day there! I would highly recommended checking it out- I’m just mad I didn’t go sooner! I am looking forward to going back!!!!! They are the BEST ❤️
I would trust them with any procedure!!!

Kim Morton


I was a model during training at the Confidence Bar and had such a great experience from start to finish. This was my very first time getting a cosmetic procedure so I was a little nervous, but Rana and her team made me feel so welcomed and comfortable during the process. I got the lip fillers and I am obsessed! They made sure to go over the process, risks, and answered all my questions. We even went over some other problem areas I have and they gave me information for any future procedures if I am ever interested. I love that the studio has such a warm and friendly aesthetic and overall I had a great experience. I’ll definitely be recommending this place to my friends and I’m so happy with my results!

Maritza Palacios


Excellent service, Lisa is the best! In this place the patient feel respected , your opinion mater. Clean , cute office and is located a beautiful building. Convenient parking down the street.
Thank you!

El El


I love this place! Having tried different medical spas from San Francisco to Washington DC, Confidence Bar is in a different category. Lisa Rivero, Rana and the expert team at Confidence Bar carefully listen to their client’s concerns, assess and then carefully make small adjustments. The results don’t look like anything has been done, just very natural but improved. They do trainings
to teach other providers how to master their technique. Clients feel like they are with good friends- and without the attitude! .

Shannon McClennahan


I hesitate to leave this review only because I feel like, as another reviewer said, this is the best kept secret in Chicago — the model program. You get 50% off filler AND you get to listen in to the behind the scenes training, which is actually so cool. Learning the nitty gritty behind the process, anatomy, training, etc makes the process take a little longer (as a model, the appointments are usually ~2 hours) but it’s worth it.

I’ve gotten filler as a “model” 3 times through the last few years, and each experience has been great. The most recent experience with Nico was PHENOMENAL. I truly cannot say enough great things about everyone here. They know their stuff inside and out, and it’s so so clear why people come here to be trained.

Adriana Kille


I never write reviews, but I had such a phenomenal experience yesterday being a model as part of the Confidence Bar's training course. I don't really want to let anyone else in on this secret but the experience was wonderful and I couldn't recommend more highly. Rana, you are always such a ray of energy and sunshine, not to mention extremely talented and you always take such good care of me. I loved listening to you training yesterday and learning more about what you do. Thanks so much for having me!



The best place! I did the training here and have been a model! They do incredible things but don't make you look "fake." Love Rana and her whole team!!! I travel from the burbs to the city cuz it's the only place I trust!!!

Resha Patel


I went to Chicago to visit my cousin and she recommended the Confidence Bar because I was considering getting my first med spa treatment. I originally considered botox to target my under-eye bags and fine lines but did not want fillers. When I arrived for my consultation the receptionist was pleasant and the ambience was wonderful and immediately put me at ease.
Then I met my aesthetician Lamija (La-mee-yah) who was absolutely amazing!! She really helped me understand the different services and truly listened to my concerns. Lamija respected the fact I didn't want fillers which was great because beforehand I assumed they would push fillers. After listening to my concerns and recognizing that I didn't want to do anything too drastic, Lamija recommended Microneedling with Exosomes as a first treatment. I am so happy with the results especially because the stimulation of collagen production will have long-lasting effects.
Can't rave enough about this place and Lamija! And I cant wait to visit my cousin again so I can book another appointment :)

Haleema Cheek


I went to the Confidence Bar for the first time in January for a Botox treatment. The experience was different right off the bat from previous injection experiences I have had elsewhere. I truly appreciated how much time was spent discussing wants/needs and really coming up with a plan that we both felt confident with. The results were exactly what I wanted.

I recently joined their model program and I have to think this is the best kept secret in Chicago. SHHHH. Don't tell anyone!
Once approved, you received 50% off for treatments. I have been twice so far, with another appt in the coming weeks. I have found the experiences incredibly fascinating, getting to be 'in' on the science behind the why/how of the injections. While sitting as a model *IS* for training purposes, I know I am in good hands and have felt heard, seen and safe for each session.

Should also add the aesthetic of the office is beautiful and calming. The front desk staff is incredibly friendly, polite and professional. Candy and waters are always on hand and offered. Oh, and I could sit for hours and watch the before/after slide show they have on a loop. Fascinating.

Laurel Parks


I had the best experience at The Confidence Bar. From scheduling with Front Desk who was super helpful. Cristina my aesthetic provider was amazing made me feel super comfortable answered all my questions and concerns. My entire visit was amazing I would definitely go back and recommend to everyone I know.

Anii viveros


I absolutely adore Confidence Bar! It's the perfect place to feel welcomed and experience top-notch professionalism. Lamija, in particular, is my absolute favorite go-to person there. She is incredibly personable, knowledgeable, and always honest. No matter what service you require, she will go above and beyond to meet all your needs. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!



As a first time toxer, I was a little nervous for my first treatment and didn’t know what to expect. Rana and her incredible team made me feel instantly comfortable and addressed all expectations beforehand. I felt like I left with more than just a great treatment, I left with more knowledge about my facial anatomy and skin needs. I highly recommend The Confidence Bar for all things injectable!

Shea Shawgo-Manley

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"The Confidence Bar feels like my home away from home. Rana and her team's energy is so warm and welcoming that I've been coming back here for almost 2.5 years. I've done trainings here, modeled for other trainings, and did my wedding skin prep here! Nusha & Cristina created such an enjoyable environment while delivering such amazing results that I can't stop coming back. You can't go wrong with any of the providers. They are all so thorough and take the time to talk about your goals. Anyone looking to start aesthetic treatments I recommend to come here. The Confidence Bar is the whole package deal!"


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