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Lips and Flowers


Let’s work together to create natural, beautiful results designed to enhance your appearance and lift your spirits.

medspa treatments



Our team understands that each patient is completely unique. This understanding forms the foundation of our honest, down-to-earth approach. We emphasize a natural and realistic approach to facial aesthetic treatments including facial fillers, Botox, Dysport, micro-needling, PRP and chemical peels.

We also emphasize safety, first and foremost. And we believe you must feel completely comfortable at all times, which is why we offer you an intimate and safe environment.

The Confidence Bar interior


Always Natural

Nobody wants to look as if they’ve “had work done". The goal is to look fresher: rejuvenated, friendlier—like yourself, only better.


Thanks to our refined assessment skills, eye for detail, sophisticated aesthetics, significant knowledge, and broad range of experience, we have the ability to provide realistic and natural-looking treatments. We know one approach does NOT fit all, which is why everything we do is completely custom-made for each and every patient.


Whether the focus is your face, your neck, your décolletage, or your hands, we address the aging process in the most effective, low-impact, and imperceptible ways possible.


We know the best aesthetic facial treatment are ones where others recognize you look better, happier, brighter, and more vibrant…but they can’t pinpoint why!

Never Negative

There’s no room for negativity at The Confidence Bar Medical Spa. We understand there is something beautiful about everyone, and that’s what we’re here to celebrate and enhance.


Time may have had a negative effect—causing you to look tired, perhaps, or sad. These are negatives we reverse with empathy, understanding, and enthusiasm. Work with us and you will face the day, the week, and the future with complete confidence and renewed optimism.

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