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Rana has worked in many areas of nursing, but her career has always been geared towards women's health and well-being. She gets satisfaction from educating and empowering women in times of sickness and health; her careers being in gynecology, IVF, postnatal depression, and eating disorders. She was trained in midwifery at King's College in London. In total, Rana has over 25 years of midwifery and nursing experience and is licensed in multiple states.

Rana’s strength is her ability to see what the face requires. She can look at a face and understand where to place a product strategically to achieve the best and most beautiful outcome. At all times, her goal is to provide treatments that aren’t detectable, but rather brighten the overall appearance.

Rana loves the variety of every unique face, story shared, and collaboration with colleagues.

She believes her role as an aesthetic provider is to be clear and collaborative with patients during consultation and assessment. Rana enjoys observing the genetics of multiple generations in a family and predicting the course of each person’s aging process. That way she can be proactive, addressing the negative signs of aging before they are even evident.

Recognized as one of the top educators in her field, she is a sought-after speaker/trainer for colleagues— frequently engaged by top companies such as Allergan, Galderma, and P.A.L.E.T.T.E. Resources. She has worked with renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologists.





My favorite place to go for my esthetic services. I’ve been seeing Rana since 2006 and I feel absolutely confident in any provider at The Confidence Bar. The female empowerment and positivity is unmatched. The providers are also VERY ethical and will tell you no if needed. (I love that.) Christina performed PRP under my eyes and a very natural neuromodulator treatment. At another session, Olivia gave me the most perfect lip pout with minimal downtime and also a perfect neuromodulator treatment. If you are yearning for a boost or confidence and to feel like yourself again in a safe space, this is your place.

Mary Brennan

I’ve known Rana, owner of The Confidence Bar for over 10 years. She is the best injector in the city. I am very careful in selecting anyone to perform any kind of treatment on my face but she has always listened to specifically what I want and I have always been very pleased with my results. She is extremely knowledgeable with her skills. She has made me very welcomed and comfortable while I’m there always. Her location is beautiful and everyone who woks there is very kind and professional

Dee Simmons

Rana is amazing at what she does - I love that she focuses on keeping things natural and knows what to do to enhance rather than completely change your appearance. She is so thorough with her explanations and education and so worth the 5 hour drive I make a few times a year just to be treated by her. She’s also an incredibly kind person who really makes you feel good about yourself. I would 100% recommend her (and the other injectors as they are all outstanding) for anyone considering boosting their appearance. So much love for the Confidence Bar and all the people who work there. THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!

Erin Leigh

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