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Cristina has completed the Masters Program at Chamberlain, and has been working in the aesthetic world ever since she graduated— literally! She graduated on a Friday and started work the following Monday morning at a plastic surgeon’s office. She worked in all aspects of that practice before attending aesthetic trainings with Rana. That was over five years ago. Cristina works at The Confidence Bar caring for patients and The Confidence Lab educating healthcare providers.

Cristina is an absolute safety guru. “I won’t do anything unless I know it’s safe,” is something she lives by. She specializes in providing a rested, natural look and values honesty in her practice. She wants to provide treatment that is both subtle, yet inspires confidence and ease. She has a sincere appreciation for every patients’ differences, and is excited by the ability to work with all different types of faces and personalities.

Cristina develops an in-depth rapport with her patients where she listens to their concerns and helps create a customized treatment plan to achieve their desired unique beauty. Patients appreciate Cristina's professionalism, kindness, and the time she spends thoroughly explaining each aspect of treatment. She considers it a privilege to care for her patients.

Education is an integral part of Cristina's career. She regularly attends educational workshops and national meetings, staying up-to-date in a fast-developing field.





Cristina was awesome! She made me feel at ease throughout the process. The clinic was well-maintained and all of the staff was amazing - Thanks for the words of encouragement Gina and Shea ;)
I highly recommend everybody to come check this place out and looking forward to my next appointment with Cristina!

Piotr Leszczyk

Just finished my hands on toxin/filler training at the confidence lab! From the moment we walked in, everyone made us feel so comfortable and so excited about jump starting our career in asthetics. Our instructor Christina was an incredible educator focusing on safe injection practices and offered tons of advice and encouragement for starting our own business. The course provided tons of resources and tools for novice injectors like myself. I have never felt more excited and confident to start my asthetics journey. We will definitely be back for more training and experience as our business unfolds! Would recommend this course to anyone! We love you Christina!!!

Daniella Hirtz

Definitely worth the flight there! Cristina was so kind and sweet during our training together. She answered all my questions and guided me through creating an individualized plan for a patient. By the end of our time together, I left feeling much more confident than I had before. Thank you Rana and team for creating this platform!

Layla Aghdam

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