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Olivia attended University of Missouri-Columbia for two years, until she received an academic scholarship for Central Methodist University nursing program where she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in nursing. She is currently in graduate school at North Park University where she is pursuing her advanced practice degree as a nurse practitioner.

OIivia started her career in medicine nine years ago at Northwestern Medicine in downtown Chicago. Most of her nursing background was in the ICU, where she was passionate, however, after five years she decided to pursue a career in aesthetic medicine. For three and a half years she worked two jobs—in the ICU and aesthetics—to achieve her dream of becoming a full-time nurse injector. Her foundational ethics are driven by continually learning the most up-to-date injection techniques while providing the safest, most effective care in a calm, comforting environment.

It is Olivia’s passion to treat each patient in a unique, customized, natural approach. Her favorite quote, which is at the forefront of her injection practice is “In art, less is more”. Her guiding principles are that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and that you need to overvalue from the inside out; to her, that is where confidence is truly built.

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