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Before transitioning into the world of aesthetics, Nusha worked as a registered nurse in Level One Trauma E.R departments across the country, including Detroit and Boston, for eight years before ending up in Chicago. She graduated from Oakland University in Michigan as a registered nurse and continued her education at Loyola University, where she earned her Masters of Science in Nursing as a family nurse practitioner.

Nusha embodies the word “provider” –– she thinks highly of aesthetics as a practice and aims to
give people a feeling of connection, confidence, and comfort. Nusha loves to meet people and cherishes moments of instant connection with her patients. Patient-provider collaboration is truly something special in her eyes, which is part of what gives her great results. She loves to work on an open canvas and give a tasteful, full-faced look.

As a former E.R nurse, Nusha wants people to know that aesthetics is the real deal. “This is medicine
–– it’s harder than it looks,” she says. She treats her patients, her work and the practice overall with the utmost respect, and holds herself to a high standard.

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