Lamija is a board-certified Physician Associate (PA) since 2009 with a Masters of Medical Science, trained in providing comprehensive patient care in all healthcare settings. Lamija has vast knowledge in providing comprehensive patient care with an ultimate goal to educate and improve the quality of life. She has worked in acute and subacute healthcare settings and now aesthetics.

Lamija’s seed of passion for the aesthetic field was planted when she was a pre-teen girl, observing people and always noticing the good and the unique in all faces. Never judging differences. This has helped her see herself as a one-of-a-kind individual, not striving for perfection, but aiming to always be the best version of herself.

Lamija enjoys feeling present with patients in the aesthetic work and finds that there is a lot of gratitude between providers and patients –– she feels like her work truly helps people feel good. She believes that a collaborative, team-focused environment is what creates the best experience for both providers and patients.

Lamija’s passion is following a patient’s journey from the start and seeing that each patient is armed with needed resources in reaching their destination to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

She deeply enjoys “the tribe we have here” at the Confidence Bar. She embraces and aims to create a non-judgemental, “open door,” truly supportive place for learning and treatment.