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General assessment:
What can I say? It was a great experience. Booking was easy and clear. The injectors who saw me answered all my questions (of which I had a lot because it's not every day someone sticks things in your face...). Cristina made recommendations on what to treat and what to leave so my overall look appears natural and "me." I loved that they (as a team) will have a conversation about what would look good or what wouldn't. I trust their vision. I loved that Cristina speaks in dollars and not units so consent to proceed with treatment is 100% clear. The procedures were efficient and carefully performed. Post-care was excellent as well. I had a question about something and Cristina answered it quickly so I could move on with my life and not think about it.

Personal favorites:
I loved that there is no tipping involved because it makes it feel more medical/professional. I also loved that they don't spam me with coupons or strange deals/packages because this is not the department in life to be thrifty. Finally, the best part (JK): I almost passed out because I'm a total wuss but they gave me jelly beans.

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