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Discover what delighted patients are saying
about our Confidence Bar Team.

The Confidence Bar is absolutely fantastic, I would not even think about going anywhere else for my kiss of confidence. Rana is the best in her field; her approach is thoughtful, SAFE, and always natural.  I can always trust Rana to advise me on what is needed and what isn’t - a true professional. Her love for aesthetics comes through in every step of the treatment, and as a bonus, treatments are always a blast and include lots of laughs.  The staff is fantastic, very warm, and welcoming. Beautiful space, beautiful people, beautiful results.

Sarah Schilling

I cannot say enough good things about The Confidence Bar & Rana!!!! She was absolutely incredible, extremely knowledgeable, and described everything SO thoroughly. She went ABOVE and beyond to make me feel comfortable in her office.


Additionally, she explained pricing up front and showed the expiration dates for all of the products! I have never had such a positive experience from any medical professional in my entire life. I cannot recommend her enough for all of your aesthetic needs!

10/10 I will be back & recommend her to anyone and everyone!!

Chelsea Mullen


The Confidence Bar says it all in their name! You will be treated with top-notch professional service making you leave with a boost in your looks, and overall CONFIDENCE:) Being a woman-founded- small business boutique med spa with glamorous Kiwi-inspired decor makes all patients make you feel like they are in for a special treat. Each of their injectors are highly experienced, which makes you feel at ease knowing they are you are in the best hands in the industry during each treatment.

Keilan McGuire


I have seen Chelsy Conrad for all my facial aesthetic needs for years!

What I really appreciate about Chelsy and the staff here is the education they provide on each type of service and really take the time to explain procedures. Chelsy is honest and always has my best interests in mind. I have successfully referred all my friends to her because that's how much I believe in her craft. 

I couldn't be more grateful for The Confidence Bar and the lovely ladies there!

Alex Harrison

I am so impressed and pleased with my experience at the confidence bar! Rana was so thorough and her expertise is obvious! She provided me with options, a longer term plan and pricing information up front. I am so happy with my results and will definitely be back! Thank you for such a wonderful experience 😘

Liz Huhrhop

Mikala Dougherty

Rana is amazing at what she does - I love that she focuses on keeping things natural and knows what to do to enhance rather than completely change your appearance. She is so thorough with her explanations and education and so worth the 5 hour drive I make a few times a year just to be treated by her. She’s also an incredibly kind person who really makes you feel good about yourself. I would 100% recommend her (and the other injectors as they are all outstanding) for anyone considering boosting their appearance. So much love for the Confidence Bar and all the people who work there. THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!

WOW! Is all I can really say. I saw Abigail and she was absolutely amazing. She listened to me and came up with a personalized treatment plan specific to me. Abigail was so gentle, I cannot say enough great things about her! I've never felt more beautiful or more confident! Thank you!!

Erin Leigh

I absolutely just love this place! I was a little nervous at first, not knowing what to expect. The second I walked in the door I was greeted by Devin who made me feel welcome and comfortable from beginning to end! Rana and Abby are true professionals. Both knowledgeable in their fields with an artist's hand and skill for natural beauty. I would 100% recommend The Confidence Bar. Cheers!

Colleen Twohig-Lasky


General assessment:
What can I say? It was a great experience. Booking was easy and clear. The injectors who saw me answered all my questions (of which I had a lot because it's not every day someone sticks things in your face...). Cristina made recommendations on what to treat and what to leave so my overall look appears natural and "me." I loved that they (as a team) will have a conversation about what would look good or what wouldn't. I trust their vision. I loved that Cristina speaks in dollars and not units so consent to proceed with treatment is 100% clear. The procedures were efficient and carefully performed. Post care was excellent as well. I had a question about something and Cristina answered it quickly so I could move on with my life and not think about it.

Personal favorites:
I loved that there is no tipping involved because it makes it feel more medical/professional. I also loved that they don't spam me with coupons or strange deals/packages because this is not the department in life to be thrifty. Finally, the best part (JK): I almost passed out because I'm a total wuss but they gave me jelly beans.


I am so grateful to have found Rana. I have had many experiences from many dr's/nurses with fillers and botox but Rana, is one of the best. She has done my cheeks, chin, lips and botox....and best of all, I still look like myself! She is knowledgeable, gentle and has fantastic beside manner. I highly recommend her....she is truly an artist!

Dee L

Rana Kennelly is an incredible nurse. She has injected me with Botox several different times, and I have had nothing but great experiences. 

I'm a 34 year old guy that (dare I say it) is still afraid of needles. Rana made me feel comfortable throughout the entire experience, educated me about the procedure and what to expect afterward, and most importantly made me laugh. It's rare that you find someone that is so good at what she does, while having a personality that makes you keep wanting to come back. 

I highly recommend Rana to anyone looking to try Botox. Especially people that are a little squeemish of needles (like me).


Rana Kennelly is the best there is in Chicago!

I have had the pleasure of receiving exceptional treatments from Rana for over 6 years, but this time I went in for an entirely new treatment. I arrived slightly nervous because I was getting filler in my cheeks, nasal labial folds, and chin. Rana's calm and cool expertise demeanor put me at ease immediately. The office staff is so sweet and welcoming and shared excitement with me. 

The treatment itself was almost painless with only a slight warm pinch at the injection sight. Once Rana finished the treatment, she had me look at my before pictures before looking in the mirror. I got up to look, my heart pounding, and once I saw my reflection I had tears in my eyes. Rana had literally turned back the aging clock a with a 20 minute procedure that made me instantly looked 7 years younger!


Mary B

If you are looking for a highly skilled and trained injector, look no further. Ask for Rana Kennelly, you will not be disappointed. Not only does Rana have a great aesthetic eye, but she will also take the time to review her treatment goals during the consult, and she will show you the products she's about to inject. I couldn't be more pleased with the results and would recommend Rana to everyone!

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